Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Wrapping Competition Practice

Every year my sisters and I compete to see who has the best Christmas wrapping. We have to submit 3 packages each and based on the criteria of craftsmanship, creativity, originality, and theme our parents judge and select a winner. I have to admit (while I personally feel they were sympathy wins) that the last 2 years I have lost. So this year I thought I would test a few new ideas before deciding what I'm going to do for this year's wrapping. I've been using my signature brown kraft paper for years and years, but this year I just may reach outside the box. I'll definitely post what I finally decide to do and I'll also share the losers (I mean my sisters) packaging for you to see why I am in fact THE QUEEN OF PACKAGING. Until then - here are a few ideas that may help with your Christmas wrapping:
photo-30 copy
photo 3 copy
Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.49.55 PM
This photo shoot was no where near as eventful as the sugar cookies - but per the usual there were a few little mishaps along the way. For starters I'm not sure why I decided to wear suede boots because the ground was soaking wet and now I have a ring around the bottom of them. For any tips on cleaning suede boots - I'm all ears! Next, Addison (my darling cockapoo) decided that she wanted to be in every shot. She wanted my attention while I juggled each package trying not to let them fall. Fail! I dropped the packages and broke my absolute favorite vintage Christmas ornament. Shortly after the big fall it started to sprinkle a little so in an effort to save the packages, we called it a wrap. You see what I did there? "We called it a wrap".....I crack myself up. 
Microsoft Word - Document3
If you have any gift wrapping ideas that you know would definitely help me get my crown back, please please please send them my way - and send them quick - only 8 days til Christmas. Eeeek!


  1. Never mind the packaging. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT COAT?!

    1. It's definitely one of my favorites! I got it on super sale at Macy's a couple of years ago. The brand is Bar III.

  2. I dropped one of my favorite vintage pyrex dishes some years back. I was so upset, I left it in pieces on the counter for days. I've vowed to enjoy all my vintage items for as long as I have them. I love the reindeer wrapping!

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