Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New York Apartment Search - UGH!!!!!

I am in the VERY stressful process of looking for an apartment in New York. For those that have ever gone through this experience, you know its the hardest thing in the world to do. You think you found the perfect apartment, all to find out someone else got approved for it before you. Or the pictures that were shown on line were NOT AT ALL close to what the actual apartment looks like. Or you schedule an appointment to go look at it, thinking you are the first to see it, but find out the leasing agent already showed the apartment a half hour before they said they would be available to 3 other people. Or on top of paying a month's rent, and then another month's rent as a deposit, the brokers want to add another 15% for the amount of the apartment for the entire year. So let's do the math.  Let's just say I'm willing to pay $1,600 per month - that would be $1,600 (1st month rent) + $1,600 (deposit) + $2,880-ish (brokers fee) = a whole hell of a lot of money JUST TO MOVE IN. Or the fact that if you want to pay said $1600 for a 250 sq ft freakin STUDIO (I swear one apartment all I could fit would be my bed and MAYBE a chair - don't even think about a couch or ever having anyone come over to visit) - the only areas that you can afford to do so is WAY UPTOWN. You work hard, and you make a very nice salary - but in New York - it.does.not.matter. 
Needless to say, I'm not having a I love New York moment AT ALL. This apartment hunt has taken over my life. Until I find something, I will be taking a break from the blog (unfortunately). I am really trying to tie something down by this weekend, so if you happen to think about it - please send some good thoughts up to the apartment gods - I really need every bit of help I can get. Bah-humbug!


  1. I just went through this in Chicago. Rents have gone up here and I keeping getting the run around every time I thought I found the perfect spot. Needless to say I had to put my stuff in storage for 2 weeks for a mid month move in. So happy though I finally found something affordable and nice in the area I want. It will come, just may not be in the order you expect it.

  2. I hope the apartment hunt is going well! Sending some good vibes your way.


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