Wednesday, May 7, 2014

{Decor: How to Add Cozy Elements to Outdoor Spaces}

With summer around the corner (as it seems we are going to skip right past spring) many of us will be spending much more time outdoors. If you have a yard (lucky dog), then there are numerous possibilities of landscaping, gardening and creating an outdoor living space to enjoy all summer long. If you happen to live in an apartment with a balcony (lucky dog), you may need a little more creative thinking to make the most of every square inch. But don't fret - even the smallest of spaces can be packed with lots of comfort and style. I found several cozy outdoor living spaces that have me feeling inspired and full of new ideas (for my next space). Check out the suggestions below for how you can add cozy elements to your outdoor space:
Outdoor cozy elements

Outdoor Cozy Elements 2
Adding large planters (especially if you have a balcony) is the perfect way to add plants and flowers. Also, be sure to add as much seating as possible so that you can entertain in your space. Including large floor pillows is another great idea for adding seating to the area. 
Outdoor Cozy Elements 3
Adding an area rug into any space automatically warms things up. Be certain to purchase and indoor/outdoor rug so that it is protected from the weather. Click here for lots of options. Oh - and how amazing is this hammock station? I could spend hours and hours sleeping and reading there. If you have the space and someone who is extra handy - click here for directions how to make this. 
Outdoor Cozy Elements 4
As mentioned above, adding planters is a great way to include plants and flowers to your space - but if you have a house/townhouse with ground floor outdoor space, be sure to add as much greenery/foliage as possible. This along with lots of candles and cafe lights is a sure bet to achieving that cozy outdoor look.

How about you...what ways do you like spending time outside? Do you have a yard or a balcony?


  1. love these ideas! In fact, I was inspired by the space you once had in NC. However, I wondered about how to maintain up keep of furniture, rugs, etc. from the weather. Any ideas?

    1. Oh how I miss my space in NC - I think about it often. I was obsessive about keeping my furniture and rugs clean in NC because of all of the pollen. I would sweep often and then I made a simple solution of equal parts vinegar to equal parts water in a spray bottle, and once a week I would spray and wipe down the furniture with it. You could also do the same with equal parts water and OxiClean. Hope this helps!!!


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