Thursday, April 24, 2014

{Decor: How To Add Chic Elements To Your Bedroom}

I saw this bedroom on Instagram the other day (designed by Jana Bek) and I immediately fell in love and said "THAT'S the EXACT bedroom that I want to create". As you know my current room is teeny tiny and will not accommodate any of the large pieces of furniture shown below - but once I have the space, I am definitely recreating this very chic and cozy room!
Chic Bedroom
Chic Bedroom 2
1. A tufted headboard is the first item I plan to purchase once I have a bedroom that will fit a head and foot board. The luxurious look of a tufted headboard creates a timeless finishing touch to your bedroom.

2. A pendant lamp can be placed in the center of the room - or you can place one on each side of the bed instead of having table lamps. Tip: don't be afraid to mix metals. 

3. Pick one wall that you want to be your focal point (more than likely it will be the wall where your headboard is placed) and add some wallpaper. Lucky for us apartment dwellers - they now make removable/repositionable wallpaper. Check some out here

4. I've been looking for a blush pink chair but they are uber expensive. In terms for achieving the look for less, I'm thinking of finding a mid-century chair from Craiglist (or ebay) and simply have it reupholstered.

5. A fur rug - a definite must for any chic space. Period.

6. Nothing says chic like a mirrored piece of furniture - try adding a mirrored nightstand or dresser to your space, it's guaranteed to give you that touch of elegance.

Anything else you would add to this space? 

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