Wednesday, March 12, 2014

{The Infamous Dominique Ansel Cronut}

As you know my sister was in town this past weekend celebrating her birthday, and man did we have a blast. On Thursday evening, I had this genius idea that we should get up early the next morning and go stand in line to get one of the most hyped and talked about cronut (if you happen to live under a rock and don't know what a cronut is - click here). There are lots of imitators out there - but I wanted to go to the place where it originated - Dominique Ansel Bakery in Soho. Bucket-list checked.
photo 6
The bakery opened at 8:00am so we figured getting there by 6:30-ish should be plenty enough time to snag one because they only make a certain amount everyday (200-250) and just because you're in line, doesn't mean you'll actually get one. Once we got there we were about number 30 in line. Not too bad. Did I mention it was FREEZING - we had several moments of "what in the hell are we doing, we should just go home"...
photo 1
But then this moment of the pastry chefs came out and passed out a few samples to thank everyone for waiting out in the cold (they also were selling coffee and hot chocolate). The moment we tasted it we knew instantly we weren't going anywhere because if the cronut tasted half as good as the sample - we were in for a treat. 
photo 2
So it was about 8:20am and me and my sister were still standing outside because they only let you in in batches of 20ish as the bakery is so tiny. This girl below in the hat came up from way back in the line and started talking to us and complaining about why was the line taking so long, she needed to get to a conference, why was it taking so long, why was it taking so long, why was it taking so long. Just when I was about to explode as I couldn't hear her say "why was it taking so long" one more time - it was time for the next group to go in. Yay!! So she started walking with my group and said "oh, lol, I guess I'll just go in with you guys, do you mind?" and I said "I don't care if you go in with us, as long as I get in - cause if I don't get in and you do, then we're gonna have a problem, lol" (who knew I could be so cranky in the morning? ......don't answer that). Long story short - we all got in, we ordered our cronuts ($5 each, maximum 2 per person) and she turned to me and my sister and said she was going to pay for ours and wasn't going to take no for an answer. I immediately felt a little bad for being a little cranky with her, but thanked her over and over as I didn't deserve her sweet gesture. Hey don't mess with a girl who is freezing and just wants her gosh darn cronut, lol!!!
photo 3
Cronuts in the making - such an art...
photo 5
(insert me here closing my eyes reminiscing about my first bite) This was the most delicious, amazing,  sweet piece of heaven I've ever had. I don't know what I was expecting - but words can't fully describe how fantastic this treat was. Just in that one bite I forgot how tired, cold, and cranky I was....and in turn I realized that at that moment, nothing else mattered.
photo 4
If you're ever in New York, I PROMISE standing in line for one of these is so worth the wait. They are life changing.

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