Friday, February 28, 2014

{Weekend Plans + Friday Finds}

{insert the sound of knocking on wood} I think I'm finally getting back to normal! I've made some big strides over the last few days, so this weekend I have quite the laundry list of things that I've been dying to do. I'm sure I will probably overdo it - but I don't care, I have to get out of this apartment!
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1. This evening I have an engagement party to go to at the Rubin Museum of Art which is literally 20 steps from my apartment. This museum has been on my list to visit and now I finally get to go and celebrate this special time with my friend!

2. Tomorrow afternoon my sister and I are going to get on the ferry and head over to the one place that you walk looking for just a few items and end up with a $300+ basket full of stuff.

3. IKEA!!!! We have needed to go to IKEA for the longest time. I need some frames for my quote wall, and also need to pick up some containers for organizers. Who knows what else I may end up finding - don't worry - I'll be sharing my finds with you!

4. I've received all of my jewelry supplies but still need a few more items before I can get the new pieces up on the site. Now that I'm able to go - just a little longer before the grand opening!

5. I have a birthday party to go to on Saturday evening. Unfortunately I can't drink because I'm still on medication - but I look forward to celebrating and seeing some friends that I haven't seen for a while.

6. Finally, Sunday is laundry and grocery shopping day. Boy do both of these things need to happen! After I'm done with my errands, then it's time to come home and prepare for the big night - the Oscars! I'm so looking forward to the Red Carpet and also seeing what Ellen has up her sleeve. Should definitely be an entertaining night!

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1.  I hit my 900th follower on Pinterest - woohoo!!! For those of you that follow me - THANK YOU for your support! Muah!! For those that don't - well.....what are you waiting for (lol)?  Check it out!

2. Loved this post on the Everygirl about grocery shopping with a budget of $65. Definitely a great read!

3. The gladiator trend is back this spring and summer, and while I'm definitely trying to fill my closet with classic pieces that I can wear season after season, I really like these sandals and think I should scoop them up. 

4. Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus - I'm making these on Sunday. Yum!!

5. My current bedroom doesn't allow me to have a headboard or footboard. As our lease is almost up, and we will not be renewing - my next apartment HAS to have these 4 things: A LOT of natural light,  a nice sized kitchen, a closet that will fit all of my clothes and shoes, and a bedroom big enough to fit this bed. You'll be hearing a lot about plans for the next move in the coming months!

Enjoy your weekend Peeps!

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