Tuesday, January 28, 2014

{Bite: Breakfast Toast}

Like me, do you get stuck in the mornings, wondering what you should have for breakfast - especially while on the go?  I’m not one to ever skip breakfast as I truly believe it’s the most important meal of the day, so I know it’s important that I fuel the rest of my day the proper way. Over the weekend I made these breakfast toasts (7-grain toast, 2 tbs of peanut butter, sliced strawberries -and- 7-grain toast, avocado, tomato, over-easy egg, and cracked pepper) and not only are they packed full of nutrients and protein - they were delicious! They are super easy to make, take hardly any time at all, and are convenient to take on the go!
Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 1.44.16 PM
What are your breakfast go to's? I'm always looking for ideas - please comment and share!

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