Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{Borrowed DIY: No Sew Sequin Clutch}

Sometimes I find something so good while perusing all my favorite sites, that I first think - why in the heck didn't I think of that? and then I think I have to share this with my readers right away. So as a borrowed DIY from Henry Happened, check out this super cheap, super easy, and super cute sequined clutch. The best thing about this bag is that it's no sew! Gotta love it - simple, stylish, and useful! Check out how to make it below:
DIY Clutch 1
~ A mesh pouch. {You can find this at the Container Store or even the Dollar Store}
~ Sequin fabric. {If you don’t have sequin fabric on hand, (like an old shirt or skirt in your closet) you can buy 1/4 yard of fabric at a craft store or even buy a cheap sequin shirt or skirt at Forever 21.}
~ Liquid Stitch
~ Scissors
~ Foam brush
~ Clothespins
DIY Clutch 2
Cut a length of fabric that wraps around both sides of the mesh pouch. Then glue the sides together with the Liquid Stitch and clamp. Give it plenty of time to dry.
DIY Clutch 3
DIY Clutch 4
For the top of the pouch, clean up any stray sequins or threads. Put a piece of cardboard in the pouch and then glue the fabric to the mesh just under the zipper. Clamp again and let dry.
DIY Clutch 5
DIY Clutch 6
And here's the final product!
DIY Clutch 7
DIY Clutch 8
Don't you love it? You don't even have to ask - I'll be making one in the very near future - and you should to! Just too good not to share...

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  1. That's so easy! I have a pile of old clothes that I planned to repurpose. I'm definitely going to try this.


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