Tuesday, January 8, 2013

{Bite: Five Napkin Burger}

I decided to start a new weekly post called bite which will consist of reviews of all the restaurants that I explore here in New York. I've got to try so many amazing restaurants since I've been here - so amazing that I need to share them with you. So come along on my food tour through the city - and enjoy:
Five Napkin Burger
Starting on Sunday I am going back on my journey of a healthy life and body. While I have certainly enjoyed eating my way through New York - it shows - and it's time to get back on the healthy train! From time to time I will splurge, but hopefully moving forward you will be seeing a lot more healthier choices in my bite column.


  1. Oh that looks heavenly, just needs a good beer. Noting for future NY trip! Looking forward to the new series, since I think via my stomach!

  2. Oh I definitely had a beer - burgers and beers just go hand in hand. :-) You definitely have to go when you come to the city - and you should let me know when you're here and I'll meet you!!


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