Thursday, November 22, 2012

{Happy Turkey Day}

Happy Thanksgiving Peeps!!! While I wish I was writing this post from my parents house - waking up to the smells of breakfast, the banging and clanging of getting the turkey into the oven, the sound of my dad going up and down he basement stairs to bring up more food that has been stored in the extra fridge... while me and my sisters slowly wake up and make our way downstairs, immediately looking for the newspaper so that we can look at (for the first time, as we like to wait for Thanksgiving morning) the Black Friday ads, and waiting for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade....but today, I'm waking up in New York and while I would do anything to be in Ohio now, I'm so thankful that I have my sisters to spend the holiday with. I won't ever take for granted again the precious (and minimal) amount of time that all of my family gets to spend together, under one roof. While I'm looking forward to dinner at my sister and her fiance's place today, and the Black Friday shopping, and the endless amount of Starbucks this weekend.....I can't wait for a month from today when we get to go home for Christmas! 
Macys day parade
{My sister's and I went to go see how they get all of the balloons prepared for the big Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade last night. We had a blast (despite the massive crowds, and extreme delays on the subway) and it was a little surreal to see all of my favorites up close and personal. It was just another reason why I'm so in love with this amazing city. We've opted to stay home and watch the parade this morning - but am so glad I at least got to see Kermie live!}

Enjoy every bite today - it's the one day we have permission to go crazy. In a few minutes I'll be attempting to make my first pie ever. I've opted for a salted caramel apple pie - we'll see how it goes. Stay tuned for pictures over on Instagram!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
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