Thursday, October 4, 2012

{What To Eat - What To Eat}

Living in New York City, I am pretty shocked when people tell me they have one “favorite” restaurant or eat at the same place every week. Inundated with a constant stream of new openings and enthusiastic recommendations, I doubt I’ll ever be able to reach the end of my edible NYC to-do list. With that, I have a list a mile long of restaurants that I want to try in the city. Some how, I've chosen four that I would like to try for my birthday dinner. All are amazing possibilities - I guess it will just come down to which one actually has a reservation available.
Co. {pronounced Company} is just a couple blocks away from my apartment - and I've heard nothing but amazing things about this restaurant. Supposedly they have some of the best pizza in the city - so this is definitely a contender for a trendy yet casual place to have dinner.
frankies nyc
Frankies has two locations, one in Manhattan and the other in Brooklyn. I hear the Brooklyn location has this gorgeous back garden full of candlelight and ambiance. I've been told to try the meatballs and cavatelli with sausage and browned sage butter. I mean - really....
Po is located in the heart of the West Village and the reviews on this place alone make me want to push this option up to the top of my list. Unfortunately because I waited a little longer to decide where to go, I can't get reservations - but I will be visiting in the very near future.
Ofrenda NYC
Finally, Ofrenda is another place that I really want to try. I LOVE Mexican food {as in LOVE LOVE Mexican food} and I haven't found a restaurant yet that really knocks my socks off {although Dos Caminos is really really close} so I would like to give this place a try. I hear the fish tacos and margaritas are perfection - I'll keep you posted!

So which one would you choose?
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  1. Believe me your restaurant list won't ever get shorter, only longer! I have the same problem in Chi. It seems like every week there is a new place opening that gets pushed to the top of the list! Our strategy is if we have a choice between going to a new place or somewhere we've been before, we pick the new place!! Good luck, those places all sound fab. And not to confuse you anymore, but you should check out the Stanton Social. Amazinggggggg. :)


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