Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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All around my apartment I have little bowls that collect everything from bobbie pins, rings, delicate necklaces, loose change, and keys. I guess you can call it an obsession, because even though my space is small, I’m always looking for a unique bowl to add to the collection. I found a few possibilities while reading Matchbook Magazine last night, and scouring Pinterest. I’m loving the DIY option because I can make them my own – but don’t think for a second that I wouldn't eat my cereal out of the crown bowl {it’s going on the wish list}
odds and ends
Click and shop:
1 - Why does everything I love have to be so darn expensive. While this bowl is $250, it is AH-mazing. I can't splurge on it, but oh how I wish I could find the look for less. If you find one and share the link with me - I'll buy one for you too!

2  - For directions for how you too can make your own paper mache bowls - click here.

3 - You can't go wrong with black and white chevron with a punch of color. Click here to scoop one up for yourself.
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