Tuesday, September 11, 2012

{Miss Me?}

Hey everyone!!! Miss me? It's been a long time - I realize this - life has been a tad bit crazy but hopefully this week you'll get a little more "me time"! I wish I could say that I've been busy going from fashion show to show - but sadly that's not the case. With work being hectic, traveling home last weekend for Labor Day, and then guests coming in to visit from out of town - I haven't been to a normal schedule in quite some time. Here'a a little of what I've been up to over the last few days... 
weekend happenings
1. Got a chance to read the new Lonny Magazine and fell in love with this oversized animal print clutch from an artist on Etsy. It's currently sold out but I'm stalking the site daily to get one of my own!

2. We went wedding dress shopping with my sister at J.Crew. While they had some amazing dresses, and I could have walked away with several, my sister didn't love any of them - so the search continues. The great thing about the appointment is she got to decide what type of dress looks best on her - the one above was one of my faves!

3. While at J.Crew and drooled over these shoes. I want them sooo badly but just can't drop $350 on them. They are the perfect color, the perfect height, and were made just for me. Anyone want to buy them for me for my birthday??

4. I made these wings and dipping sauce last night and oh.my.God - PA-LEASE make these. So good, so easy, so cheap. Make them. Now!

5. Walked around the city looking for NYFW star sightings and hoping to be pulled off the street and asked to attend one of the fashion shows. We were 100% unsuccessful - but walking around in this lovely weather was fun. People watching in NYC is the best!

I've missed you guys - thank you for the emails, I have the best readers. xoxo!
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  1. I missed you. Are you coming back to cyber world. We miss you!!! Hope

  2. Wow love that bag! We heart leopard...we even have a leopard couch in the store!


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