Monday, September 24, 2012

{A Break Is Good, But...}

Hey Everyone! I feel like I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I'm sorry for being MIA - I've really missed blogging and being connected to all my blog-buddies. After my fun-filled weekend {last weekend} with my friends from Raleigh, I ended up getting sick as a dog, and was out of commission all last week. Now I'm back, and am excited to share with you all of the finds, trends, places, and good eats I've been experiencing here in this lovely city. Yesterday, my sister and I spent the day shopping in Soho and almost at the same time, we both expressed how much we love New York and still find times {like yesterday when we stepped out of the hustle and bustle and really looked around at the beauty of the people and the city} where we can't believe we actually live here. I feel like we've been all over the city, but haven't seen even a tenth of what it has to offer. I think the best part of New York is the energy it shares. It's magical. Even the dirty streets and the smells become...almost romantic to you. All of a sudden a place that should intimidate becomes intimate and suddenly you feel like you belong. I just love it. Here are a few pics from over the last couple of weeks to catch you up:
Brooklyn Bridge
jenny and kelly

eat me
time square
Jessica Signature

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