Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{Food For Thought Tuesday: Farm-To-Table Restaurants}

It's back by popular demand - Food For Thought Tuesdays, and today's topic is "farm-to-table" restaurants. I must admit that I have not stayed faithful to my journey of a healthy lifestyle and body since my move to NYC and I can blame that on many things - adjusting to a new city, wanting to try all the restaurants this city has to offer, lots of eating out to experience the city and to socialize...and while I haven't gained any weight (probably has a lot to do with all the walking) I haven't lost nearly what I thought I would have in my first month. While I know we will continue to eat out, we are trying to be more conscience of the restaurants we visit. Right here in our neighborhood we have several farm-to-table restaurants that we have frequented. What is farm-to-table you ask? Farm-to-table means that the food that is on the table came from a specific local farm or CSA. Getting food straight from the farmer cuts out the middleman – like packagers, processing plants and commercial vendor - and assures consumers that their fare is fresh, nutritious and locally produced; something worth paying a little extra for.
FARM TO TABLE 2 For those that are in the NYC area, or plan to visit in the near future - below are a few of my highly recommended farm-to-table restaurants in the city - I promise you will love them:
farm to table faves
1. Westville - 246 W18th St., 212-924-2223
2. Home - 20 Cornelia St., 212-243-9579
3. Blue Hill - 75 Washington Pl., 212-539-1776
4. Mas - 39 Downing St., 212-255-1790

Just a little food for thought...
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