Wednesday, June 27, 2012

{Looking Forward To Having A Party}

So the apartment is coming together and yesterday we purchased a couch {yay!!!! no more sitting on the floor or sharing the one chair we have}! It's a sleeper couch, so you know what that means... after this Saturday, all of our out-of-town peeps have an open invitation to come visit. You purchase your plane ticket and you won't have to worry about a hotel - how can you pass that up??? We've been talking about how we can't wait to have people over for a party, and now that the place is just about put together, a dinner party just like what Tobe over at Because It's Awesome, is what we have in mind - food, friends, music, candles, wine...
GirlsDinner_01_IMG096 GirlsDinner_01_IMG135 BIA_GIRLSDINNER_GTL_PIZZA
Cute right? So when are you coming???
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  1. See you July 12!!!!!!- How's that?

  2. I love you new blog layout! It looks great! and that food looks absolutely DELICIOUS!!



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