Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{Just a Little Glimpse of Progress}

Hey Peeps! Just wanted to check in and give you a little update. My new job is going well so far, everyone seems to be really nice and happy that I'm there. My first day, even though me and my sister did a subway dry-run the day before, I got all turned around and ended up on the wrong train...twice. But thanks to the app HopStop, I was able to get back home....phew! After I got home me and my sister decided to go explore our neighborhood some more and we found lots more cute little restaurants and shops that we will be visiting very soon. I honestly can't wait to get the apartment together, so we can have people over to show off our neighborhood - I'm literally in love with it. Speaking of getting the apartment together - the only space in our apartment that is half way put together is half of the kitchen.
While it's small, everything is new and fresh and we have a lot more cabinet space than we thought we would get. In time we plan to add ghost stools to the end of the counter where you see the overhang. The key to our apartment is to go up for storage {notice the baskets on top of the cabinets - we are storing cleaning supplies, plastic containers, and a few appliances up there} and this weekend we are making an IKEA trip to get shelving for the entire apartment. Once the shelving and storage units are in place, we can FINALLY get these boxes unpacked and out of the living room. I promise to keep posting pictures as we get the space together...
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  1. looking great so far. i cant wait to see more!!!

  2. So glad that you are settling in nicely!! I love your neighborhood too; got a friend that lives close by. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Looks fabulous (Is that your beloved mirror I see in the background?) - looking forward to more posts! How does Addi like the big city? Sounds like you're in a sweet neighborhood - can't wait to come and visit! :-)

    1. Yes that it my beloved mirror - I told you I was going to find somewhere to put it!!! viola!

      Addy is doing great - I'm so proud of her. While she still wishes to go back to NC, she's trying her hardest to become a New Yorker, lol!!! Miss you!


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