Thursday, May 31, 2012

{You Can Do Anything...}

I'm quickly learning that I just can't do everything. This move, as exciting as it is, has gotten the best of me and realizing all that I currently have on my plate is extremely overwhelming. I know everything is going to work out in the end - but man am I getting tested. On the positive side - I think I may have found someone who wants to take over my car lease - so yay!!! I've been able to score some free boxes and packing materials (THANK YOU dumpster, MedThink, Patty, Ros, and Tracy) - so yay!!! Tonight is one of the many going away parties my Raleigh peeps have planned for me - so yay!!! And my sister found an apartment that she is going to look at today, with a broker that isn't trying to take every cent we have - so yay!!! Things are already looking up! :-)
you can do anything
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  1. Thanks for posting some positives....I was starting to get restless. SP


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