Wednesday, May 16, 2012

{Work-Life Balance: Does It Exist}

As an avid DesignLoveFest reader, I was inspired by the post on work-life balance and thought I would explore it a little more. To you - in your life - do you feel that you are equally balanced between work and home? I have to admit that I pretty much suck at it. I feel that I am spread so thin that I am not able to give myself fully to any one thing - including myself. I wake up late {because I hate mornings} and rush through my morning routine - taking out Addison, getting myself dressed, breakfast and lunch packed, catching up on current events by listening to the Today show, taking out Addison one last time, and then rushing to work...late...always. My day is filled with meetings, follow-up meetings, meetings to follow-up on the follow-up meetings, and client visits. At the end of the work day, I rush home to take out Addison and get ready to go to the gym. After the gym I shower, eat dinner, catch up on emails, work on the blog, watch a show or two and then off to bed....only to start in all over again, M-F.
So as you can see, like you I'm sure, my days are chugged full - leaving me no time for friends and/or family calls and mostly no time for me and my brain to relax. That leaves the weekends, which usually are equally packed - so I'm thinking it's time for a change. Any suggestions for getting more balance in my life?
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