Tuesday, May 1, 2012

{Food For Thought Tuesday: When We Eat Matters}

I've been talking a lot about clean eating, what to eat, what not to eat - which is all extremely important, but another key component to healthy living and eating is when we actually eat. I came across the site Massive Health over the weekend and I thought I would share a little bit  of what I found, but encourage you to also check out the site.when we eat matters Do you eat breakfast? What do you have? For the last several months I've been eating a greek yogurt, with fresh fruit, and 2 tbs. of healthy granola. While I understand the importance of switching things up, during the week - this is my go to breakfast. The important point is that I'm eating breakfast because those that don't tend to eat more throughout the day:when we eat matters - breakfast Usually during the week, I stick to a healthy and clean eating plan - and it's easy because I have the same daily routine. However, on Saturday's I allow it to be my cheat day because if I constantly deprive myself of what I really want, I will fall off the bandwagon and quickly find myself in the black hole of bad choices and overeating. My problem is sometimes my cheat Saturday also becomes a cheat Sunday and I really need to get this in order, as it's another slippery slope. It's true - the weekends are bad for our eating health:when we eat matters - weekends Just a little food for thought...Jessica Signature

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