Monday, April 30, 2012

{I'm Really Just a T-Shirt and Pajama Pants Girl}

Despite what you typically see me wearing, and what I usually blog and pin about wanting in my closet - I really am just a t-shirt and pajama pants girl. If I could get away with wearing this outfit everyday - I totally would. However, since I can't, I've come up with an outfit that incorporates my love of graphic t-shirts, boyfriend jeans (while they aren't as comfortable and pajama pants, they're next in line), and a great pair of shoes. Check it out: Graphic t shirts {Click to shop: Jacket/Jeans/Zara Heels, Mid-West Tee, Script Ohio Tee, Glasses, Converse} Jessica Signature

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  1. You should check out CLE Clothing too!


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