Friday, March 2, 2012

{TGIF Peeps}

Weekend plans 3.2.12
Link Lovin
Check out some of the links that I've been lovin' on this week:

- Shredded brussel sprouts, kale, and bacon salad - yep, making this over the weekend!

- Give back by shopping! 31Bits is a shop that sells jewelry made from women in Northern Uganda and the proceeds offer an opportunity to counter poverty.

- I have a few friends that have a tough time with being on time - I swear they own this watch.

- I'm such a fan of my girl crush, Gwyneth Paltrow, - loving this spring post.

- Check out Jamie's new website for Furbish - lucky me I get to drive down the street and visit whenever I want!

Enjoy your weekend Peeps - I hope you are doing something fun!!


  1. I am starting to read that tonight as well! I heard that once I start reading I won't put it down! And selling clothes, eh? *Rubs chin curiously* keep me posted ;-)

    1. So what do you think of the book so far???

      I'll be selling everything on Ebay and will be posting a link within the coming weeks. I'll def keep you posted!


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