Thursday, March 22, 2012

{Magazine Inspiration: Small Space Living}

I recently signed up for a Groupon deal and got both O Magazine and Elle Decor year subscription for only $10. Last night while relaxing and flipping through the pages of Elle Decor, I came across three ideas for when I move into a much smaller place after my lease has ended.
Elle Decor - Mirro Placement
I have a very larger mirror very similar to the one shown in this picture and no matter what, it's coming with me. I would love to have it in my bedroom, but depending on the amount of space I will have available - I like the idea shown above by placing it behind the couch. Additionally, to save space - I like the idea of have a floor lamp instead of having a side cocktail table with a lamp on top.
Elle Decor - Shoe Storage
I can probably forget about my current walk-in closet - which poses a big problem - what in the heck do I do with all of my shoes??? I love this idea of floor to ceiling shelving on a wall in the bedroom to store many things, especially shoes. And while I'm not a fan of seeing clutter, placing ceiling to floor panel of curtains in front of the storage piece {or IKEA Lack shelves} will make the space look clean and fresh. The ideas are rollin...

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