Thursday, February 2, 2012

{Weight Loss Journey: Transitioning Your Wardrobe}

I received an email from a reader earlier this week that is also trying to shed some lbs. She asked if I could do a post that would help her as her body is transitioning to her goal weight. As you know, I'm also going through this problem and I've found the solution to this issue: skirts and dresses. Unfortunately (well fortunately because that means the scale and the measuring tape are going in the right direction) none of my pants fit. While I would love to buy all new ones, I'm no where near my goal weight and I would have to end up buying all new clothes all over again. So I put together several pieces (and tips) that can help during this transition period:
Transitioning your wardrobe
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Get a great belt, you may find that belting over the top of your shirts/dresses to define your newly emerging waist will get you a few extra months from some of your shirts and tops that are now too big for you. Additionally, belts can keep up your pants and skirts as they get loser around the waist. Plus moving your belt to the next hole is always a boost!

Focus on accessories, wearing a scarf or great necklace or earrings to draw attention up to your face and to dress up your basic clothes and create lots of different looks.

Check the sales racks first, look for stretch fabrics which will accommodate you more as you become slimmer. Buy only basics that are easy to mix and match so that nobody notices you’re wearing the same clothes over and over.

Get some alterations on your existing wardrobe. Taking in a waistband can make a garment wearable for another few months and is a much cheaper alternative than buying new all the time.

Check out thrift shops, consignment stores and ebay for well priced clothing items to get you through your transition.

Resell your larger clothes on ebay. If they’re not in your closet then you won’t be tempted to ever put back on the weight!



  1. i love all these pieces, and most of them are wonderful staples for a great prices! best wishes are you move forward toward your weight goal!

  2. P.S. those anti-spam words you have to type in on sites are soooo funny! I just had to type "chin swab" to post my previous comment, and am still laughing!


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