Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{February Picks = How Shall I Reward Myself?}

It's the beginning of the month and you know what that means - time for my February Picks:
February Picks
1 - I tried this J.Crew necklace on last weekend and it laid on my neck like it belonged there. I ended up getting this rhinestone necklace, but the one above is currently on my wish list.

2 - I've been eyeing these stud earrings for quite some time now - is it time for me to purchase?

3 - I'm into the color mint like big time right now. This nail polish (mint candy apple) is currently on backorder, but I can't wait to get it!

4 - This skirt is everything! I tried it on at J.Crew last weekend, and as I mentioned above the rhinestone necklace won, but the outfit possibilities with this skirt are endless!

5 - I don't think I need to add a description for these. All I can say is - these will be on my feet this spring!

6 - Don't you love this tortoise shell iphone case? Yea, me too - lol!

As this is the season of tax returns and bonuses - we all deserve a little reward. Don't you agree? What's on your wish list lately?


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