Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{Happy Valentine's Day Peeps}

Happy Valentine's Day to all of the lovely couples and single ladies and gents out there!!! One of my favorite quotes from Pinterest says "Yes I am single, and you are going to have to be amazing to change that" lol. This quote pretty much sums it up for me, and the traits below are what I would consider to be pretty amazing in a partner, and am willing to spend Valentine's day single until I find it. So for those that are currently in loving relationships - make today a day that you celebrate the rarity of finding someone to spend this crazy life with. And for those that are single, celebrate your willingness to wait for the person that would do anything to be your everything.
happy valentines day 2012
Someone who is like-minded: Joy and Bob Cho from Oh Joy! - such a cute couple! | This would be the epitome of pampering to me - I'd marry him, wouldn't you? | Someone who is supportive of your passion: Kendi and Bryan Skeen from Kendi Everyday | If they are willing to try new things {like food trucks - you know me, lol} then they are a keeper for sure | So simple right? LOL!!!

Happy Valentine's Day Loves!


  1. I'll take all of the above please. :o)

  2. Hi Jessica, Thanks for the delightful Valentine's package! What a fun thing to find in your mailbox. I can't wait to use the "beverage bling" and the cookie is already half eaten. Once again, thanks for brightening my day. Susan


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