Friday, January 20, 2012

{TGIF Peeps}

weekend plans 1.20.12
Link Lovin
Check out some of the links that I've been lovin' on this week:

- Adult beverage pops - oh I sure could use some of these. My throat feels like I'm swallowing razors.

- You know I’m a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow's blog Goop – so yes I just downloaded her app - click here

- Speaking of Goop – I love the newsletter she posted yesterday about starting a small business – great tips to think about from small business owners (including the beloved Instagram). 

- I soooooooooo want this t-shirt. Do you say pop or soda? lol

- I wish I were here this weekend - trust and believe I will be there next year!!!

Enjoy your weekend Peeps!


  1. Feel better soon! Movie recommendations - Crazy, Stupid, Love; Midnight in Paris; Horrible Bosses!

    And I am running my first 5K tomorrow! haha - not really that exciting!

  2. Thanks Jess! I took your advice and got Midnight in Paris (I've seen the other two and they were awesome) - I also got Columbiana and Friends With Benefits.

    Good luck on the 5K tomorrow - that's AWESOME!!!


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