Thursday, December 1, 2011

{It's More Than Just Receiving}

While my family wasn't wealthy, I realize that I was very lucky when I was growing up. I had a stable family life with parents who supported me and my sisters, financially and emotionally. There was food on the table {and we always ate together}, we never wanted for anything, we had lots of toys, nice clothes, we were encouraged to do well in school because "the key to an education is to train the will and the mind to do the right thing at the right time" {my mother recited this to us all the time}, and we were taught that it was important to be involved and give back to the community -  poverty was not a part of our lives or the lives of anyone we knew. But the truth is, most people aren't nearly that fortunate. As we go into this holiday season, I thought that it was important to talk about how we can give back to those who are less fortunate. Below are a few simple ways to how we can make a stranger smile and know that someone out there cares...

Giving back during the holidays

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