Tuesday, December 13, 2011

{Blogger's Block}

So if you're a blogger reading this you'll understand {and maybe you will understand even if you aren't a blogger} but this morning after writing over 500 posts to date, I'm coming up with a big. fat. blank. I think I'm having a case of blogger's-block?  I thought to myself - it's Christmas! Talk about Christmas! Nope. Nothing. It's holiday party time, talk about what to wear! Nada. This is the season of eating - post something delicious to make! Did that yesterday. So today - please forgive me as my brain won't allow me to think of anything brilliant to post about. If you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth {what movie did that come from? lol} - stand up and speak out. How can I get out of this writer's block?
bloggers block
Tomorrow I promise {at least I hope to promise} to shake this blogger's block and be back to normal. Until then - I'll be scouring for inspiration. Enjoy your day peeps!


  1. Leave the house/office and go for a walk....but don't forget the notebook. Good luck!

  2. Rush Hour... you know I know that, hahaha! It'll come to you.


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