Tuesday, November 22, 2011

{What Are You Wearing To The Dinner Table?}

No matter how old we get, or how many times we try - me and my sisters always try to come to the Thanksgiving dinner table in sweats - but my mom insists that we get dressed up. So as I am planning what to pack for my trip home tomorrow - below is what I'm packing for Thanksgiving dinner. This year I won't protest because as I'm on this journey to a healthy life and body, it's a good idea not to come to the table with stretchy pants on - so I will come to the dinner table dressed up - but the second we're finished, it's back upstairs I go to put on the sweats and get all cozy so that my Dad can bring me some hot cocoa and a sliver of skinny pumpkin pie...
Thanksgiving outfit


  1. LOL, so true! And I wonder if Dad will see this. I have NO idea what I'm wearing yet either.

  2. fur + gold = so luxe! That particular vest was on my wish list... do you love it?

  3. Jessica - I LOVE this vest - you should definitely get it. LOVE it! :-)


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