Thursday, September 8, 2011

{Wedge Into the Fall}

Yesterday I went to my mailbox after receiving a personal letter from the mailman to empty out my box or he will take everything to the local post office and I can pick it up there (I immediately said "whatever, you can take it to the stupid post office, there's nothing in there but junk anyway - but then I remembered and said "wait, it's the beginning of the month, I bet all my magazines have arrived"). So after not being appreciative of being told what to do, I walked over to my mailbox and yep, I was right - a mother-load of magazines were jam packed inside - and yep the mailman was right - he "couldn't even fit a postcard inside" - ooops, lol.

Last night I spent the evening looking through all of the magazines (while saving 3 WW points to enjoy a glass of wine) and the one theme throughout them all was Fall Trends. So today I thought I would gather all my findings and give you what are considered the must-haves for the upcoming season. Is there a trend that you are particualary excited about for the Fall? Or one you could do without?
fall 2011 trends 9.7
(Where to shop: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 - and don't worry, there's always a look for less out there!)


  1. I love all of this!!!! I want every piece.

  2. OMG, I just came back from South Africa (where the seasons are opposite of ours--it was winter) and I saw all of these women rocking this stuff. My closet is filled with these fashion finds all from SA. I guess everything hits them earlier--from the genius of humanity to fashion trends (too bad, too few people notice). So what are you buying first, Jessica?

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