Thursday, August 18, 2011

{Pulling from the archives: This Small Space}

HGTV used to have a show called This Small Space and I just loved how these people {mostly in NYC} came up with the most unique ways to maximize their small spaces. DigsDigs recently posted this lovely 500 square foot loft style apartment. The interior is just fabulous and the owners definitely maximized every inch of the space. The apartment is a opened space that really looks bigger than it is. What do you think about the neutral palate? Lately I've been into pattern and color - but I'm diggin the grays, silvers, and whites - definitely makes the space very cohesive. This apartment is an amazing example of how careful planning, and a good eye, can make any space {no matter the size} simply...marvelous. Check out the pics:
Makes me want to chuck it all and start all over....
love jessica

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  1. I'm personally into the color thing but I think what this space does well (especially in the dining room, mini-study, and kitchen areas) is incorporate texture that makes these subtle colors pop!


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