Thursday, July 7, 2011

{Tell Me This Doesn't Look Amazing}

I am on a HUGE goat cheese kick these days, and this snack looks like something that is right up my alley - and I challenge you to come up with a more perfect combination than sweet and salty. All you have to do is top a crostini with some goat cheese to add a little saltiness, sliced pear to add a touch of sweetness, walnuts to add some crunch, and a drizzle of honey to bring the whole thing together. Yummmm-o!
Pear Yumminess


  1. mouth = watering.


  2. I saw this post yesterday.... and immediately ran to the grocery store after work to buy the ingredients! Gotta tell you, it was DELICIOUS! I even found honey flavored goat cheese. Mmmm.....


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