Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekend Plans 4.22.11
Link Lovin
I have tons of links to share - so sit back and enjoy while you have some down time during this long holiday weekend:

~ Seeing these brightly colored eggs makes me miss the contest me and my sisters used to have to see who would have the best decorated eggs. I think I will dye some this weekend!

~ For my iPhone peeps - I recently download this app and love it! Try it out!

~ Wholly guacamole - if you haven't tried this, go get it now! My new fave...

~ Neon & Neutral - I love this post by Mimi+Meg...I think I'm gonna try this color combo

~ Who's ready for So You Think You Can dance... hope Alex comes back

~ I so wish I had time to make and send these out to my fave peeps. Stupid surgery...

~ Who doesn't agree this is necessary?

~ I like it - what is it? I want this - I find myself saying this quote a lot!

~ Oh how I hope the Royal Wedding procession is like this!

~ Hello? Is it me you're looking for? lol.... Sing it with me "I can see it in your eyes..."

~ Word. This will be in my wedding vows...

Enjoy your weekend Peeps!

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