Monday, February 7, 2011

{Valentine Gift Guide: For Men}

Morning Peeps! So last week I gave you a few Valentine gift ideas for you to forward on to your sweetie - and today, I thought it would only be fair to provide some gift ideas for you to give in return. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite picks for the guys...
Valentine Gift Guide For Men
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1. Burberry Cuff Links: The man that wants and can pull these off, is the man that I will marry {love them}
2. Leather Flask: I kinda love this...{classy}
3. Bottle of Scotch: This is a very manly gift right - pair it with the flask and you're good to go...
4. Anthropologie Lingerie: Well... this is really for you, but for him, but for you {wink wink}
5. Duffel Bag: I'm diggin this bag big time...
6. Salvatore Ferragamo Moccasins: I know you're not supposed to buy a man a pair of shoes {you know the saying} but these are amazing and I would have to splurge...
7. Anchor's Chip of the Month: I would prefer wine of the month {lol} but this is a fab idea, definitely a cool gift for him to take to Poker night...
8. Engraved Bracelet: I love this in gunmetal...and at a great price too...

Now all I need is the man {LOL} - happy shopping ladies!!!
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  1. wow these ideas are amazing. that man bag is amazing!

  2. Yeah you and me both! Excellent ideas - loved the engraved bracelet along with the flask and scotch!
    @ Laura, I like to call it a murse (man+purse=murse ;-)


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