Thursday, February 3, 2011

{Andy Warhol Painting Class}

On Tuesday, me and one of my girlfriends went to a Wine & Dine event and had a really nice time. Essentially, you send them a picture {based on the theme of the night - ours was Andy Warhol}, they print and adhere the picture onto the canvas, you bring in a bottle of wine, they supply the canvas, paint, brushes, wine glasses, etc... and you start painting away. Here's the process along with my final laughing or poking fun at my sweet skillz allowed - k?
Andy Warhol 1
Andy Warhol 2
Andy Warhol 3
Andy Warhol 4
Andy Warhol 5
If you live in the Raleigh area you should definitely check it out...I know I'll be back for sure.

PS. This masterpiece will not be hanging in my house - it was just for fun!
Final Signature


  1. "Omm...excuse me, I need some help. How do you think I should paint this because it's really dark and I can't see the detail. I can't even tell what this is because the picture is so dark. What do you suggest? Mmm hmmm. I need my original picture. Can you print out a copy of the picture I sent? Because this is REALLY DARK."

  2. that's so fun! what a great idea. i think your painting is cute...

  3. @"Guess Who" - I literally just laughed out loud - that is sooo hilarious. Ok, so maybe I complained a little more than 1 or 2 times. LOL!!!

    @Annie - yes, it was a lot a fun. Definitely a perfect girls night outing :-)

  4. i have always wanted to do this. was this the place near 5 points? if so, its right around the corner ... i could walk there. i must do this soon!!!

    ps - your painting turned out really good!!!!


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