Tuesday, August 3, 2010

{Travel Journals}

I promise Flourish isn't going to turn into a blog about my trip to Italy next month, but I'm just so freakin excited - I can't help but to plan and talk about it. While I'm away for 10 days, I will not be able to blog, however, I plan to have several guest bloggers entertain you while I'm away. Because I do want to share every detail of my trip with you once I return {I mean you deserve at least that after having to listen to me about it for the last several months}, I'm on the prowl for the perfect travel journal so that I can write a daily entry of all my experiences as I travel through the various Italian cities. In addition to something that's durable, has lots of pages, and has a convenient space for my pencil/pen, I would like something that has space to hold all my little findings (receipts, menus, matches, etc.). I've done a little research and am thinking of choosing one of the options below. What do you think?
1. O-CHECK TRAVEL JOURNAL - "JOUR": Available in grey or brown, the diary features a durable soft cover, tabbed stickers, various planners, ruled and plain note taking pages and an inner rear storage pocket.

2. Baggage Check Travel Journal. This is journal was originally on the Fred Flare site, but it's no longer available. {booo...} If someone can find this for me, I promise I will bring you back a gift from Italy!

3. Travel Collage Journal from Paper-Source. I really like the organization in this one, and the secure place for my pencil. Not wild about notebook portion as I'm not sure if the pages are really secure.

Hmmmm....decisions, decisions.

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  1. oh boy! these journals make me want to go somewhere real bad!!!! i have to admit i am quite envious of your upcoming trip but i love hearing how excited you are and all the little things you think of to prepare. i am enjoying living vicariously through you :)

  2. Elizabeth your the best! I'm super excited, and trying to balance it without being too annoying. Thanks as always for your support!


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