Wednesday, August 4, 2010

{Etsy Love}

No rhyme, no reason, just really love these Etsy items...
Natural Etsy Love
1. Mustard Clutch - I so love this and have blogged about this bag before...{clearing throat, my birthday is coming up in October}

2. Stacked Antique Gold Necklace - I bought this necklace for my sister several months ago, and I am thinking I should have kept it for myself! Maybe when I visit her in LA I can steal it {as she loves to "borrow" my stuff - lol - sorry T, you do!}...or I may just buy one of my own!

3. Gold Dotted Notebook by Bailey Doesn't Bark - I received these cups last year for Christmas and I more than adore them. The notebook above is so lovely and for only $17 it's a must have. Love love love...

4. Mustard Organic Cotton Fabric - I really like this simple and modern pattern and would love to make a couple of pillows out of it.

5. Rustic Handmade Stacked Ring - so elegant, so simple, an I love the mother of pearl stone in the center.

6. Vintage Fedora Hat - you know me and hats...nuff' said!

Great finds eh?

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