Monday, August 16, 2010

{Just Call Me The Queen of Online Shopping}

So this past weekend I did A LOT of online shopping for my Italy trip. As you know, I'm going with a black theme to keep everything simple and classy. All of these items will go with things that I already have {jeans, khaki's, black capris, scarves, jewelry, hats, etc...} so I think I'm set. One thing that I love about online shopping is that you get a flood of packages delivered to you...kind of like Christmas {except for that whole paying for your own gifts thing...}.
Italy Outfits
Top row left to right:
~Army green tank embellished with black sequins {perfect to wear alone with jeans or black capris and then put a cardigan or jacket over top in the evening}

~Black classic blazer {can wear with jeans and a white tee to keep it casual, or to dress up and wear in the cool evenings}

~Floral tee & white tee simple to wear during the day}

~Blue button-down shirt {versatile and classic}

Bottom row left to right:
~QUOTE black canvas and cognac leather handbag {this bag is GENIUS! I found it on Etsy and it's a 3-in-1. You are provided with 3 straps to be used as a handbag, a shoulder bag, or....a messenger bag! Fab find right?} Click here to visit the shop.

~Striped tee with flower embellishments {another simple shirt to wear during the day}

~Gentle Souls shoes {ok, these were MEGA expensive, but due to all of the reviews and me trying a pair on last week {they don't rub and I feel like I'm walking on clouds}, I think these will be the perfect shoes to walk around in. Fingers crossed}

~Chambray Skirt {just to switch things up a bit - it's a little shorter than I expected so I think I will wear some leggings underneath...but I still love it - especially the bow}

~Black cardigan vest {can literally be worn over any and everything}

~Classic grey tee {yet another simple tee that I can jazz up a little with the right jewelry and a scarf}

So....what do you think?
Final Signature


  1. love it ... comfy and classic is my kinda style!

  2. I may need to come to you for some tips. :-) I like that bag. I like that you can change the straps and wear it as a shoulder bag. I like the shoes too. I have a problem finding good comfortable shoes that are also cute. (big feet) :-)


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