Tuesday, August 17, 2010

{39 Reasons Why I Love You}

While getting lost in blog-hopping this weekend, I came across {not sure how I got there} inchmark and thought this idea of "39 Reasons Why I Love You" was such an adorable idea. Imagine waking up to a string of notes full of the reasons why someone thinks you're, uh, sh-mazing.....nice, right? I would so keep this in your back pocket for the next time you're looking to score some brownie points {doesn't necessarily have to be your significant other - could be a sibling, a bff, or heck even for yourself}... I just love this very personal and sentimentel idea!
39 Days 1
Brooke of inchmark used 39 notes because her husband was turning 39 on his birthday. Obviously you can use as many or as little as you would like. Here's how to make your own...
39 Days 2
Grab some strips of paper, some colored tape {japanese tape would be awesome}, and some string. Then write a number of things you love about the person - traits you admire, things you know will make he or she laugh, add some serious things as well. Lay out some string and tape your strips in numerical order {Brooke's were about 18 inches apart}.
39 Days 3
Hang your string up using a little more tape...
39 Days 4
Once you take the garland down, save all of the little strips, tuck them into an envelope and stash it so that the person you do this for {even if you do it for yourself} can reread the things you love about them.

Cute idea right?
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  1. love this idea! husband's 30th is just around the corner and of course we are low on funds :) this is a great way to honor his b-day without making too big a fuss (b/c he hates a big fuss) and spending lots of dinero. as always, thanks for sharing!

  2. Elizabeth - he'll love it!!! Be sure to take pics :-), I can't wait to do this for someone!


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