Monday, July 26, 2010

{Magical Little Spaces ~ My Dream Treehouse}

When I was a kid I really wanted a tree house, and while me and my bestie at the time tried to build one {lol, man I wish I had pictures} we weren't very successful at all. I had my favorite tree that I climbed literally everyday - but unfortunately it wasn't structured to hold a tree house. So maybe you can appreciate my little gasp when i saw this "adult tree house" - how freakin adorable, right? I must admit it is a little too Victorian and  frilly {even for me} but oh what I wouldn't do to have this in the backyard of my future house. How amazing would it be to have this lovely space as my office/studio/getaway? in love.
Tiny Victorian House 1

Tiny Victorian House 2

Tiny Victorian House 3

Tiny Victorian House 4
PS. LOVE the pink boots! To read the full article {via The New York Times} click here...ENJOY!
love jessica

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  1. Oh dear me! Aren't they all just magical! I would love to have a tea party wth my daughter in any of those gorgeous spaces *sigh* :)


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