Monday, June 21, 2010

{Blog of the Week: Smitten Kitchen}

So today I am going to stray away from the beaten path and bring to you one fantabulous foodie blog. I think we can all agree that there is nothing more wonderful than really good food. Something magical happens to you when you taste something truly, blissfully delicious. If, like me, you are always looking for inspiration in the kitchen... I highly recommend you check out Smitten Kitchen. The lovely cook behind the blog is Deb Perelman. Her enticingly simple recipes with food images that are just as engaging as her fun and informative food commentary are what makes this blog fantastico!

I mean honestly- how can you look at these pictures and not want to 1. eat them all 2. learn how to make them and 3. love deb because she has made every recipe fool/idiot proof. Take a peak at a few of my faves below, and click here for more of where these come from {psst...Deb has a yummy looking recipe for homemade oreos, and pop tarts...shaking my head at the ridiculousness...}
chocolate doughnut holes
{click here for the recipe}

Breakfast Pizza
{click here for the recipe}

Lobster Rolls
{click here for the recipe}
Is your mouth watering yet? And as if Deb's blog isn't all that and a bag of chocolate chips, she just signed a book deal! We have to be patient though, it won't be ready until 2012 - but how amazing will it be to have a Smitten Kitchen Cookbook of your own? Can't wait!

Enjoy your day and....happy cooking!love jessica

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  1. Love, love, love Smitten Kitchen! Great pick for your blog of the week! The recipes look awesome and the photos are amazing, aren't they? I might have to go back and check out the lobster roll recipe, since I live in Maine!


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