Monday, May 17, 2010

{Hello from sunny Phoenix Arizona!}

Hello peeps!!
As I mentioned on Friday, this week I am in Phoenix for work! We are staying at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and as you can see below it's beautiful! Yesterday after a long day of flying, and a half hour drive to the hotel {and adjusting to the 3 hour time difference} - the only thing I wanted to do was check-in and freshen up. However, the moment we hit the lobby the bell men took my luggage and we were quickly escorted to the general session that had already started - with my desire to check-in, take a shower and change clothes out the window. Even though my plans didn't go as... planned - the session was wonderful and defintiely justified all the late nights we've had these last 2 months. {I wish my whole team was here to experience this}. After the session, we were taken outside to the courtyard and was presented with a lovely & ENORMOUS buffet under the stars - inclusive of literally any and every thing you could possibly ever want {along with some yummy yummy pear margaritas - ooo weee}. Game night came after dinner - but we were so spent with all the traveling and time change adjustment, we skipped out. I finally got to check-in, take a shower, and crash in my plush cloud-like king-size bed...
jw marriott phoenix
Today - I'm up early as our day starts at 7am - but I wanted to keep to my promise and check in with you to let you know how the meeting is going. Have a lovely Monday - and The Blog of the Week will return next Monday!
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  1. I'm a new reader, so remind me what you do and what team you're representing at what event? Sounds fun nonetheless! :-)

  2. Jessica!

    Hey, hope you are able to enjoy that gorgeous hotel as much as possible and that work stuff is not too time consuming. Have fun and safe travels home!

  3. Hi Lisa - welcome to Flourish!!!
    I work for a medical communications/advertising agency and our clients are pharmaeutical companies. This week my client is having a drug launch meeting and that's why I'm in Arizona.

    Fashion, design, and decor is my passion - so Flourish is my outlet away from the science I deal with during the day!


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