Thursday, April 8, 2010

{Etsy Love: Aryal Ames Jewelry}

I recently found Aryal Ames Jewelry on Etsy and immediately became a fan of her beautifully crafted sterling silver and copper jewelry. I love her industrial, chic, simple style, and admire the gray oxidation process she uses - definitely something that I want to experiment with. Check out some of her amazing pieces below. You can view more of her beautiful work here on her site.


Which one should I get? I'm loving the first necklace on the left. Yep - I think that's the one!
Final Signature


  1. Wow!!! Thank you, Jessica, for including me in such a great selection of talent within your blog... I love it!!!

  2. You are more thank welcome Aryal - your pieces are fantastic!!! Thank you for allowing me to share with my readers.


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