Monday, February 22, 2010

{Raleigh Flea Market}

I decided to go to the flea market at the NC State Fairgrounds this weekend because it was the first weekend in a couple of months over 50 degrees. I knew there would be a lot of vendors there - but boy did they show up, I've never seen the flea market so crowded. Of course, I could have bought a TON of things, but I stayed true to the reason for going and that was to gather pieces for MODAGE. I did have one "splurge", the cutest little salt and pepper shakers...I just had to have them (yep...I'm turning into my mother). Below are some of my findings...
my findings
~Vintage salt and pepper shakers
~3 vintage brooches
~Antique brass pendant
~2 sterling silver bracelets
~Vintage brass button
~Sterling silver ring

I abosolutely love my findings, and you will be seeing each of these pieces MODAGE-ized (ha! just made that up) soon! Stay tuned...
Here are some of the items that I would have loved to purchase, but I refrained, and instead will  allow them to be eye-candy...until the next time:
As you know, I've been dying for a chandelier to put over my bed. These weren't exactly what I was looking for, but they were still lovely...

rusty grates
Love these...wish I would have asked the price on them - maybe next weekend...

tons of jewelry
They had TONS of jewelry and I could have gone crazy, but with my recent ebay purchase I was on a budget and stuck to it...

glass doorknobs
These lovely glass doorknobs would be PERFECT for my Hollywood glam bedroom makeover, wouldn't they?

Another great Hollywood glam finding...I would probably reapholster it though...

rusty slider
This rusty glider reminds me of my childhood - my Aunt Sookie and Grandpa Beard had one. I know I have a picture of me and cousins sitting on it - hmm...where is that picture??...

rust plaque
There's a man at the flea market that has a truckload of rusty items. I love this plaque and thinking back, should have bought it...

mustard suitcase
Vintage mustard suitcase. Love it but figured I probably wouldn't love it as much while lugging it around Italy...

mini doughnuts
If it wasn't for my friend Rosalyn giving up sweets for Lent, we would have gotten some. Aren't I a good friend for not getting them and eating them in front of her?

radio flyer
Vintage radio flyer - adorable...

roller skates
I'm such a kid at heart - I love these vintage skates. Wouldn't they be great sitting on shelf?

Finally, I joined a photography meetup group and we met for the first time at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Here are a few pics from the class on Saturday...
The group
Have a great day - make it lovely!
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  1. What great finds!!!!! Flea markets are the best.

  2. oh my!!!! i love everything that you found. espcially that floral chair AND the suitcase! And I can't wait to see more pics from your nikon. :)

  3. That chair with the orange leaf print... I WANT IT! Love that chair!

  4. Gab - I wanted that chair too! Believe me if I had one inch of space in my apartment to put it, it would have been mine!

  5. You are a good friend for forgo-ing (sp?) the sweets. Those are great finds. I am hoping that my jealousy (being that I am not there anymore) will subside eventually!!


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