Saturday, December 5, 2009

Handmade Ornaments

All week I've been putting off decorating my house for Christmas due to being busy at work and finalizing my jewelry line for a craft show this coming up Wednesday. Today it's supposed to be cold and rainy (maybe even a touch of snow) so my plan is to turn on the fireplace, warm up a cup of Max Brenner hot chocolate, put in the Josh Groban Christmas CD, and start decorating. It’s no secret I love anything handmade, and oh how I wish that my tree could be decorated in only handmade loveliness - but instead I will use the same ornaments I've always used and in the meantime start shopping for next year's decorations. So here’s a round-up of some of my favorite found handmade ornaments - and my goal for next year is to have them all and many more adorning my tree.

How can you not love these? I found this garland on Etsy several weeks ago, and one of my favorite blog site, decor8, posted them as her favs as well. Wouldn't these be perfect around a package, or even delicately wrapped around your Christmas tree? Oh how I love them...

Handmade Paper Baubles - adorable!

These ornaments are made from vintage book covers and pages.

Oh Martha!
You can't talk about anything handmade without paying tribute to the originator of all things handmade - Martha Stewart.

Click here to learn how to make these wonderful tinsel snowflakes.

And finally, what better way to recycle your Christmas cards than making ornaments out of them? Click here to learn how to make these environmental-friendly ornaments.

Well I hope you enjoyed my first post. Next topic - handmade stocking stuffers!

Happy Christmas-ing!!!

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  1. I love the Christmas card ornament idea. I'll have to give that a try the next time I'm feeling crafty!


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