Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Well I made it safely back into Raleigh last night (THANK YOU American Airlines for switching me to an earlier flight without change fees. I've learned all the perks of flying with a first class passenger, so THANK YOU Jason!!), and before I get on the road this morning to travel home to Ohio for the holidays, I wanted to share an amazing designer that I found on Etsy. ArtLab is a fashion design and fine arts studio based in New York City, and the original handmade work can be found on Etsy.

The shop is like a haven for anyone who (like me) is obsessed with ruffles. The natural vintage aesthetic completely puts the forced destruction of garments to shame. The best thing about these pieces? They’re one of a kind, created exclusively by designer Patricia Ayres, with unique printmaking and the inspiration from industrial landscapes, abandoned spaces, and her dreams... Enjoy!


Hope you enjoyed the post - I recommend you visiting her shop as I gaurantee you will not be disappointed.

Have a fantastic day and think of me as I'm driving through the mountains for the next 9 hours.


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