Tuesday, March 18, 2014

{Life Is Short - Buy The Shoes}

And I'm back! Now that we have sprung forward - all I need is the weather to cooperate so that I can start wearing some of the shoes that I've recently purchased (or will be purchasing in the very near future). Shoes are a great way to incorporate new trends into your wardrobe and they can be worn in a variety of different ways:
Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 8.27.34 AM
Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 8.26.45 AM
1. I've never really been a boot wearer in the summer time - but I think I may get a pair of these to go with dresses and maybe even shorts (if I can find the courage to put some on this year). What do you think about short booties in the spring/summer months?

2. Love these heels from J.Crew! The give a pop of color (which is rare for me) and the heel is the perfect height to wear to work (but since I work from home, I'm usually in my fuzzy slippers.....but once I'm back in an office everyday, these will be worn).

3. Pastels are huge this spring/summer, and to be honest I'm not really a pastel girl but I did pick up these flats at the Gap last weekend to ease me into this trend. (unfortunately these are only sold in stores. I got mine for $22)

4. Cage shoes are a must have. You can wear them with your boyfriend jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, everything. Get a pair!

5. I'm not going to say every girl needs these - but they're so much fun. I ordered these like 2 months ago, and I still haven't received them yet due to them being backordered - but I plan to wear these when I want to wear a flat sandal, but kick things up a little. Big plans for these!

6. The flip flop. There's no way around them. These Burberry flip flops will be mine.

7. All things perforated are in this spring/summer. I purchase these over the weekend and they are so cute on (actually way cuter than this picture looks). I can't wait to wear them!

Now, combined with all the other shoes that are stuffed in my teeny tiny closet (and surrounding area), I think I have all the shoes I need for the upcoming months. Now its time to work on the wardrobe. 

What spring essentials have you bought recently that I shouldn't live without?

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