Thursday, February 13, 2014

{Borrowed Cocktail: Grapefruit Cucumber}

Oh the beauty of Pinterest - you type in "grapefruit cocktail" and just like that it gives you all sorts of options to choose from. After just a few scrolls down the page, I found this recipe below (courtesy of Joy The Baker) and immediately I knew I had to share it. How refreshing does this look? Just the sight of it makes you wish you were sipping this on a warm spring-like day. Instead - we get to deal with yet another snowstorm - that's enough to make you want to drink! So without further ado:
Grapefruit Cucumber Cocktail 1

Grapefruit Cucumber Cocktails (makes 2 cocktails)

lots of ice

2 to 4 ounces gin, depending on how strong you’d like your cocktail 

1 cup fresh pink grapefruit juice 

1 cup ginger ale soda

fresh grapefruit wedges

fresh cucumber slices

Divide ice between two tall drinking glasses. Add gin: as much as you’d like depending on how strong you’d like your drink. Divide the grapefruit juice between the two glasses. Top with ginger ale and stir. Garnish with grapefruit wedges and cucumber slices. Throw some straws in there, cheers, drink up!
Grapefruit Cucumber Cocktail 2

Grapefruit Cucumber Cocktail 3

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