Tuesday, January 21, 2014

{Comforts of Home: Function & Beauty}

By any chance have you seen these amazing ottomans/tables that are currently at Target? I seriously love each one of them and trying to figure out how I can fit them into my teeny tiny apartment. I've said to my sister, "what if I just buy them and save them for the next place?" or "I could just stack them over there in the corner for now..." "we could fit one right there....seeeee". So as you can tell, I'm thinking of a master plan for how to add these beauties to my decor.
Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 8.38.09 PM

I am definitely a believer that everything in your home should serve a purpose and be beautiful at the same time. The hard part is that these ottomans do serve a purpose, multiple purposes actually, and are beautiful - I just don't have the space. Hmmmm.....what can I get rid of?? Stay tuned.....


  1. Target just keeps getting more awesome! The bench would be great for my entryway.

    1. Right!? Man if Target was closer and I didn't have to drag furniture on the subway, I would be in big trouble. Although there's always free shipping......


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